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Steph curry real?
  traxamillion, Apr 14 2016

Over 4 3s at only -225 on the night he is for sure hunting 8 (and the 400 record) easiest bet of my life. Clearing it easily in the 1st. Only problem is I couldn't bet my whole bovada roll.

Most dominant athlete in any major team sport by far.

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guy i played in hu SNG
  traxamillion, Mar 03 2016

msg me here if u find this and i'll give u my skype info

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live poker lifetilt
  traxamillion, Feb 15 2016

Found myself turning into a misanthropic ball of hate this weekend and was pretty disgusted with myself when I reflected on it last night / this morning. Hanging around in a Casino too much in that environment can do weird things to you and alcohol doesn't help I guess.

Starting Friday I get in a fantastic game with multiple recs sitting on multi K 400+bb stacks. Regular UTG straddle. Some tech money waiting for the Friday 10/25. I don't play 2 orbits before a couple of nit regs have chased off the biggest whale in the game talking shit to him for "chasing" or something absolutely retarded. People bounce and the game quickly goes to shit. later I stack some indian guy 150bb deep after he raises a $3 limp to 37, proceeds to call my 3bet to 100, and then jams over my flop bet with 88 on 235r vs my KK. Seems like the first time in months I wasn't 2 outered in this spot. He needles me about the hand for the next couple hours despite the fact I won and he played bad. It doesn't bother me until I play a hand vs someone else. I open UTG one or two calls some dude makes a huge 3bet I call (usually folding here tbh but I know he is very likely to have 1010/JJ/QQ/AK some worse and even a few random 95o hands have shown and not aa/kk with this size. plus kinda deep, hes bad, down to gamble a little). Flop comes 947hh or something I check he checks. Out of everyone at the table me and this guy have probably been playing the most reasonably so far; nothing too out of line. Turn is 8x, he checks I bet near 2/3rds. River is the 5h, he checks I jam 285 effective into about 320 or something. He tanks for a while and mutters to himself "3bet pot" repeatedly before flicking in a chip for the call while saying any pair good (I call maybe 1-3 KQs combos pre, no KJ/AJ/QJ/AQo, might call 1-2 AQs look at my smallhand on watch, start calling some SCs again at 89s/910s/10js and then mostly just all pairs 88-AA. I'm not calling his 3bet nearly as light as he thinks or most people in this game. Of course I Get herod by the exact part of his range I'm trying to fold out. AKo > KQs on 45789hhh calling off my 100 bb river bet. Nh sir didn't think you had it in you. One of the lighter calls I've been hit with here and wouldn't have been all that tilting in and of itself but when the Indian dude instantly erupts in laughter and glee and talking shit reveling in my loss I was admittedly pretty annoyed. Left that table to play 2-3-5 then realized I was prob too tilted and 5-6 beers/drinks deep so called it a night.

Next day my friend and I go again. Again we tip the floor 25 to skip the waitlist and get seated. Still takes a while so I'm 3 beers in before I even start playing. I am in another ridiculously soft game with some dudes that literally have never played poker. I play a fun hand where I raise A7s get 5 calls or whatever; flop comes A75cc. Rec to my right donks 20 into 65-80 or whatever and I make it 100. Turn is a brick 5 and he donks AI for 140 and I pay off his K5o. I make a big "isolation" raise with kq pre and flop kq3 rainbow. Fishreg who limp/called donks into me I call. Turn ace obv and the fishreg bets $5 more than he did on the flop. I call. brick river he chops out a big bet and I fold he shows J10o. standard matrix reg play. overlimp J10o UTG+1 then call an 8-9 bb raise; proceed to win min when hitting gin postflop. So basically after a few hours I'm not even down but I am on all kinds of entitlement tilt, lifetilt, most kinds of tilt there are. For no real reason though just running kind of bad. Online the shit couldn't be more standard but playing one table in a game like this it feels much different. I am seeing the worst plays everyhand, old man playing nitty all night just calls a 85bb river bet into a completely dry sidepot on 1077KJsss with AA in a spot he is literally NEVER good to this Reg I really don't like. I defend bb vs this same reg with 85 a few hands later, bet call 553cc. 4c turn he pots and I just fold while he shows KJcc. So yea bunch of dumb hands like that where the only money I was making was through a few bluffs that somehow got through. My boy racks up another 200bb win and I walk out up 13 bones and just feel retarded for this result after playing in one of the softest games of my life, watching the worst regs who couldn't beat 25nl on Bovada come up fat, and prob still subconsciously bitter about getting soulcrushed the night before.

Then last night we return and are #s 2/3 on the waitlist but my boy tips them 25 for us anyways. He is a real nice cool guy who tips generously and I would do well to try and emulate his behavior in general a little more. Either way it is not a bad idea to take care of the floor here since they will plug you with table changes over other people and will allow you to skip 50 person waitlists if you pay them on a Friday/sat night. I brought my laptop though cause I was playing in some dumb online tourney still from earlier in the day and needed to play it out so I'm streaming internet from a phone in the car and on the way in. I go to switch over to the casino internet after I get in there and it doesn't work so I switch back over to the phone. I come back online and see I have KK in ep after being briefly lagged out. however action has already passed me and there is a huge 3 way all in that I would have won had I played the hand. So I bust the tourney shortly after and I ask to get seated and proceed to get passed over by table changes for the next 30 mins. realistically the guy is just doing what he has to do before seating me but after a godseat opens up in the exact spot at the exact table I wanted and I'm standing right there ready to sit down, but then some grimy mexican dude at my buddies table just snap jumps on it after he sees my interest and gets priority. I take my beer to walk outside and smoke a cigarette (don't smoke but started to again this weekend while drinking/tilting/pokerplaying) but no beers outside so I set it down. When I come back in my beer is gone. Sick. I walk back outside and smoke again when some car comes speeding through the parking lot; I pretty much walk in his path looking to make him stop / slow and when he doesn't I flick my cigarette at his window just trying to start shit. I say fuck this place and start walking to the cardroom across the street when my boy calls me out for being a tool and yea he is completely right so we just head home.

Need to chill the fk out

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